Moving Fast

According the the latest round of wine industry symposiums speed and focus is the future. I would have to say I agree. A little while back published a brief, but great, article regarding the state of wine sales, distribution and how small wineries need to adjust to stay relevant. As you  might imagine we … Continue reading Moving Fast

Fighting the good fight

The the vast sea of consolidation in the beverage industry it is far to easy to get bogged down with the question, "How am I ever going to compete." At least once per year I get cold feet about the wine industry. I get lethargic, unmotivated and feel like I might as well throw in … Continue reading Fighting the good fight

Manufacturing vs Creating

So I was at this Chardonnay tasting. All of the wines were double blind, the only thing we knew about them was that they were all Chardonnay. As we went through the lineup we made some notes about overall style, quality, production methods and our honest opinion of what we thought of each. As we … Continue reading Manufacturing vs Creating

The Small Get Smaller

A while back I posted about a bunch of the wine industry acquisitions that surged earlier this year. There hasn't been much of a slow down and after a few events and tastings the following questions keep popping up: How is this going to effect small producers? Are they in trouble?  Wine industry consolidation by … Continue reading The Small Get Smaller