Where is the wine industry going?

For some reason this question has popped up at almost every tasting or event that I have done in the last month. The honest answer is that I have no real idea but I have some hunches. I relate a lot of what is happening in the industry today to the 1990s. The 90s were … Continue reading Where is the wine industry going?

Moving Fast

According the the latest round of wine industry symposiums speed and focus is the future. I would have to say I agree. A little while back winebusiness.com published a brief, but great, article regarding the state of wine sales, distribution and how small wineries need to adjust to stay relevant. As you  might imagine we … Continue reading Moving Fast

Predicting trends continued…

"Today’s drinkers are not taking their cues from geography or the traditions of their ancestors when determining their drink of choice1." A few weeks back I talked about overarching wine industry trends and the difficulty in seeing what the next hot ticket item can be. To add another wrinkle we also need to dive into … Continue reading Predicting trends continued…

Lifting curses and predicting trends

As is tradition in the world of Merlot there is at least one decent article that sings its merits while reiterating the struggles of the "Sideways Effect." In September Bloomberg posted one such article that explored the topic once more. The points I loved about the article were those that dove into why Merlot fell out … Continue reading Lifting curses and predicting trends