Harvest Wrap Up v2018

As soon as harvest wrapped up this year it was right onto the road for a couple of whirlwind trips around the good 'ole US of A. Even early on in the winemaking process the 2018 vintage is looking very VERY solid. With an incredibly consistent growing season, mother nature has set us up for … Continue reading Harvest Wrap Up v2018

Growing up and Moving Forward

As is tradition I fall off the blog writing wagon at some point in May or June, follow up with one or two in the late summer or early fall but quickly find myself in a post-harvest haze wondering where the year as gone. 2018 is no different, except that there is some BIG news … Continue reading Growing up and Moving Forward

Introducing the 2016 Bennett Valley Pinot Noir

As is tradition between spring bottling runs, travel and weddings (including ours!) I find myself behind in blog updates. Many of you have probably received the spring release notice for our new round of Pinot Noir and the first iteration of our "HBIC" Rosé but I always love diving further into the details of our … Continue reading Introducing the 2016 Bennett Valley Pinot Noir

Yes Way Rosé!

Yeaahhhhh buddy! MTGA officially has some rosé on the horizon. As luck (or very strategic planning on my part) would have it we have been working with an excellent Pinot Noir source over the last few years. With the variability that we have seen with the availability of Riesling in northern California it was time … Continue reading Yes Way Rosé!