Harvest Wrap Up v2018

As soon as harvest wrapped up this year it was right onto the road for a couple of whirlwind trips around the good 'ole US of A. Even early on in the winemaking process the 2018 vintage is looking very VERY solid. With an incredibly consistent growing season, mother nature has set us up for … Continue reading Harvest Wrap Up v2018

2017 Harvest Recap

After a good taste through the 2017 lots last weekend we were able to start to see glimpses of where the 2017 vintage is going to end up. All in all it seemed like a wonky year.  Between an immense amount of rain through the winter and spring, frequent heat spikes into the 100+ degree … Continue reading 2017 Harvest Recap

Summer Cellar Update!

Each year this happens, I start out with grand ambitions of two blog posts per month and it gets derailed! One day that goal will be achieved. It has been nearly a month an a half since my last update which is far too long. So much has happened since late April!! First of the … Continue reading Summer Cellar Update!

The 2016 Harvest Recap

With August, September and October behind us (wow, it is November already isn't it?) the harvest operations are beginning to wrap up. I finally realized how crazy it had been over the last few months after getting a full nights sleep on November 6th. Honestly I haven't felt more rested since...I don't know when!  That's … Continue reading The 2016 Harvest Recap