Where is the wine industry going?

For some reason this question has popped up at almost every tasting or event that I have done in the last month. The honest answer is that I have no real idea but I have some hunches. I relate a lot of what is happening in the industry today to the 1990s. The 90s were … Continue reading Where is the wine industry going?

Art vs Business

It is hard to separate the two at times. Artists, almost by definition, occupy themselves with their craft because they love it. The tough part is when you try to use that art to make a living; it has a tendency to become less art and more business. Finding the balance is hard, especially if … Continue reading Art vs Business

Keep it in Perspective

There are a handful of articles, and resulting comments, about the wine industry that catch my attention each year. This one from Forbes would be one of them. To be fair I am a little late to the game regarding this write up of Napa's new "cult" wine but it intrigued me nonetheless: "Have Robert … Continue reading Keep it in Perspective