The MTGA Cabernet Sauvignon v.2015

Three years ago we were able to start creating the first ever MTGA Cabernet Sauvignon and this fall it is "officially" making its way into the world after countless mentions and some teasing over the last six months or so. This release also marks the first time that we have crossed the streams with any … Continue reading The MTGA Cabernet Sauvignon v.2015

Best Beverage Moments of Last Year

Well it is about time! As usual I am behind with the blog posts so here I am frantically playing catch with a special weekend edition. After having a month to dig deep into my memory bank, and Instagram, here is the best of the best that was consumed over the course of 2017: 10. Del … Continue reading Best Beverage Moments of Last Year

Lifting curses and predicting trends

As is tradition in the world of Merlot there is at least one decent article that sings its merits while reiterating the struggles of the "Sideways Effect." In September Bloomberg posted one such article that explored the topic once more. The points I loved about the article were those that dove into why Merlot fell out … Continue reading Lifting curses and predicting trends

Coming Soon: The first ever MTGA Cabernet Sauvignon

#truestory! In 2015 a conversation was had about getting some Cabernet Sauvignon in the MTGA lineup. As many of you know we try not to cross the streams between the other family projects and what we make at MTGA. That said we were able to strike a deal to nab a bit of Cabernet from … Continue reading Coming Soon: The first ever MTGA Cabernet Sauvignon