About MTGA

Greetings and welcome to MTGA Wines!

Long before MTGA came to be my family moved to the Napa area in the early 1980s to pursue their own winemaking careers by founding Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards, Trespass Vineyards, Ghost Horse Vineyards and Eagles Trace. Needless to say we have more wine in our veins than anything else!

Growing up in a winemaking family definitely had its perks though I never really saw myself working in the wine industry as a career until after I graduated college. While my time in Spokane, Washington (go Zags!) served me well my Criminal Justice degree didn’t thrill me all that much. So in 2009 I moved home to St. Helena and began working in the world of wine once again in a few different cellars and tastings rooms around the Napa Valley.

In 2010 I had realized that despite being a part of the winemaking process in many facets I had never made a wine from start to finish without guidance. So with a picking bin in the back of a pickup truck, a set of pruning shears, picking lug, and some spare time I hand harvested my first batch of Merlot grapes in 2010. A quick 14 or 16 months into the process I began sampling the wine with friends and family to get second, third and forth opinions on how I was doing. Naturally the questions of what I was going to do with these two barrels of wine started flying.

Through 2011 I started hatching a plan to start what would become MTGA Wines (though the name came later). That fall I also ended meeting my future wife and “HBIC” Brittany. A year later we had bottled that first vintage of MTGA Merlot and eventually released it in the winter of 2013 at which time it sold out in about two weeks.

As luck, or maybe my awesome foresight (just kidding), would have it I had continued making Merlot in both 2011 and 2012 under the MTGA Wines label. Since then we have continued making our flagship wine, Merlot, along with a Dry Riesling, Pinot Noir and some special reserve bottlings. We currently produce 600 cases per year from a set of awesome small, family growers from Napa and Sonoma counties.

Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to receive quarterly newsletters and special updates. You can also check out what releases are currently available in our online shop. If you are planning a trip to the Napa area and are interested in tasting our wines please email mike@mtgawines.com or call 707.337.9168

Thank you for checking out MTGA and we hope you enjoy the wines!