Developing Inspiration

Brit and I tooFair warning, some intense doting incoming!

Brittany has been an immense force of inspiration over the last year. Upon starting her own event business last year, L’avventura Events, she has taken the proverbial bull by the horns. On top of that her newfound approach to life has been something that I have truly taken to hear, specifically associating with inspiring, positive people.

It has been that second point that has really stuck with me over the last year and ultimately helped me make the jump into focusing on MTGA Wines full time.


The more I thought about my friends, family, acquaintances and business contacts the more I thought about who I really want to be associated with. In just a few short months it feels like our outlook on our careers and life in general has changed for the better. Some of this has come from simple changes in lifestyle, some from reading self-improvement articles and books, and some just from making more time for the people we love.

This shift hasn’t really been made because we were unhappy but because of a very simple mentality that we came across: If you aren’t growing you are dying.


Both of us are simply not content staying static and we see the opportunity to continually improve ourselves. We don’t want to be satisfied in the sense that all of our goals and aspirations are met. We want to continue pushing the limits of what we do even if that means very small and simple adjustments. Hell, it could be something more earth-shattering like bailing on an awesome day job (like yours truly) to see what this self employment thing is all about. Maybe it is just flossing on a regular basis you’re your dentist tells you to. Whatever it is that makes you feel like that you are progressing in any direction, find it, embrace it and run with it.I probably should have prefaced this with it is easier said (or typed) than done. Sometimes that inspiration is hard to come by. There are a couple times a year in fact where I get lethargic and start doubting the life choices I’ve made but that is normal as it turns out. Everyone goes through the “what if” scenarios and I am by far the best projector of situations that have never happened. While I haven’t learned how to entirely avoid the negative-self talk I am definitely more aware of it and as a result I feel as though I am more positive in general.

My inspiration, luckily enough, is an amazing woman that I somehow convinced to marry me and I get to spend more time with her than anyone else. To compound that she came with an awesome group of friends that are now mine as well, and we work in an incredible community of people. As it turns out inspiration is all around.

Sometimes finding it might mean taking a seat or a step back to make sure you see the forest through the trees.


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