Yes Way Rosé!

MTGA Rose17 2Yeaahhhhh buddy!

MTGA officially has some rosé on the horizon. As luck (or very strategic planning on my part) would have it we have been working with an excellent Pinot Noir source over the last few years. With the variability that we have seen with the availability of Riesling in northern California it was time to start exploring some other options. With Pinot already in the line up it seemed like a logical choice to see what we could do with rosé.

Still coming from Bennett Valley we utilized two different clones of Pinot Noir: 777 and Pommard. The inspiration behind this wine was largely the lack of Riesling that is available these days around the Napa and Sonoma areas but also because it seemed like a fun challenge.

Despite how fun, fresh and free-spirited rosé can be it is tough to make a great one. It is all about timing and being on top of your game. There was quite a bit to learn last harvest to make this rosé come out the way we wanted.

In general we gravitate towards French rosés but with how popular the style has become over the last couple of years there have been plenty to choose from. We have definitely consumed plenty… but we will just call that the research and development portion of this endeavor!

When we decided to add a rosé to the lineup we considered a few things. Our first thought was that it has to be dry and refreshing. We also wanted to make sure that the Pinot Noir we brought in to make it was specifically rosé, we didn’t saignée or “bleed” any juice off of the main Pinot lot to make it. With that the alcohol remained lower and the natural acidity higher to keep nice and crisp. To help balance that out we did ferment and age it entirely in stainless steel to try and maintain as much of the fruit characteristics as we could.

For a first round we are stoked with how it turned out! It won’t be long before this “HBIC” release is ready to rock n’ roll.


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