Wines for the Right Occasion

With my own wedding nearly around the corner (because let’s face it, May 2018 is not that far away) I have finally hit the moment of trying to stay out of my fiancée’s way while providing valuable and useful feedback.

Outside of music, photographer and a little bit of design most of my input has come in the form of the bar offerings. Outside of the whiskey that is going to be offered towards the end of the night, some rosé to greet we were left with some decisions to make in the middle. With Britt’s immense amount of wedding and event knowledge and my lack-there-of, it has created some fun conversations about the wedding…although the boozy portion is sort of where I am having the most fun.

First off I, erhm… we wanted to make sure that we have a solid lineup of libations for the evening. After all we are in the alcohol industry, we ought to be able to put our best foot forward.

blues brothersSecond off we didn’t want to have too few or too many options. I am pretty sure we’ve moved away from the “signature cocktail” idea to put some emphasis on the wine. There will definitely be some beer offered as well. For the wine portion we were likely going to have a spread of bubbles, white wine, and red wines. One, maybe two, flavors of each to give folks some options. On top of that we wanted to commandeer an idea from some friends of ours by having a “share table” for large formats or special wines for the group to take a crack at.

From there it was what varieties, blends and regions we wanted represented. Regardless of what we choose I wanted to go through the “criteria” that we needed for a beverage to make the lineup:

  1.  We damn well better want to drink each wine ourselves. There might be a hidden bottle or two we keep to ourselves but we are definitely going to make sure that any beverage that makes the cut is one that we enjoy. In our eyes there is no point in providing something that we wouldn’t recommend or drink at home.
  2.  There is going to be a good spread of one thing: wine. Instead of trying to have a ton of different options, mixed drinks, beers, wines, and so on we are cutting back the options. Why? Because wine is our jam and frankly bar tabs can be expensive. We know we can provide some great variety with some killer wines (hence having the rosé, some bubbles a couple whites and reds on hand). This plays right into point #3
  3. whiskey-pour Have some other stuff but don’t over do it. A beer (maybe two) and whiskey will be the other options and the whiskey really won’t come out till the end of the night we we all decide to tie one off. We enjoy beer and we didn’t want to go without it. Plus we know there will be some beer lovers in the crowd. For the whiskey portion we are being totally selfish. It is probably my favorite spirit and a close second for Britt. Not to mention it makes for killer night cap neat or on some rocks which, by the way, is how it will be offered.
  4.  Don’t forget the digestif! The vast majority of our friends know what is going to be inserted here but we basically don’t want people falling asleep after dinner. This might be in the form of coffee and/or Underberg depending on which train you feel like jumping. We are firm believers that a beverage is needed to help dinner settle down and kick of the rest of the night. There is nothing worse than being slightly over-stuffed and having no relief. Plus that little bit of energy is going to do us solid in keeping the night rolling.
  5. not good enoughThis is basically a repeat of #1. DON’T SETTLE FOR CRAPPY LIBATIONS. While this is totally subjective depending on the guests… we are, at the very least, going to make sure that each beverage is something that we enjoy and would recommend.

While this is more wedding focused I’d say this goes for most gatherings. Be prepared to entertain and engage but don’t over do/think it. As you get further into the night it is probably okay to bring out the booze you want to get rid of… as long as it doesn’t totally suck most well-lubricated folks might be ok with it.


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