What’s Next?

IMG_1131Good question!

With 2017 now in full swing it is time to dig into what is on the horizon for MTGA. Over the last two years things have stayed pretty steady. It has been a slow and steady growth pattern from 200 cases of total production up to about 500. Some new wines are going to be in the mix along with some new features.

Many of you saw the launch of the MTGA Wine Club  (aka MTGAllocations) last week which will give quick and easy access to all the latest and greatest MTGA wine releases. It is structured around two release dates, spring and fall, but allows for total customization of what wines and how many of each you receive. There are some baseline quantities for shipping purposes, because it is easier to ship in multiples of 3, 6 or 12 than anything else, but we can always iron out changes before the shipment goes out. While there will likely be caps on the clubs at some point, particularly the Single Barrel club, everything is currently up for grabs!

There will eventually be four staple wines between the Riesling, Pinot Noir, Merlot and one that has yet to be announced (I can’t give away all the secrets just yet!). The Single Barrel project will continue to be independent of those four and specialize on the best of the best from year vintage.

2013 BottlingThat brings us to the next MTGA topic. Growing a small production is probably the toughest thing to do but if the last couple years of shown me anything it is the awesome support that you and many others have given MTGA. This little project wouldn’t continue to grow without that kind of support and I cannot thank you all enough! Now at 500 cases total production MTGA will always remain tiny compared to many other producers and if that breaking point of quantity vs quality comes arrives the growth stops. The most important thing to me is to grow this production responsibly.

There are some of you that know about that pesky 2015 Cabernet that is still in barrel. It will be bottled up this fall HOWEVER I am still very much deciding how this wine will incorporate itself into the production. There is a 50/50 chance that it will be the new addition to the Single Barrel project or blended with a portion of the 2015 Merlot to create an awesome right bank style of blend. We’ll see… much more will come as the bottling of this wine approaches so stay tuned!

What else could there be you ask?

Well, I’ll tell you!

As some of you know I am a HUGE sparkling wine/champagne fan. With a rockin’ Pinot Noir source in the lineup I can’t help myself but try to make my own. Fair warning: This is going to be a 3-5 year process and is going to be interesting to say the least. Making small batch sparkling wine is a pain but who doesn’t love a good challenge? I literally know the basics of this style of winemaking but I am going to give it the good ol college try with a portion of the Pinot fruit this year and see how it turns out.

This year I will also be hitting the road a bit more so keep an eye out for those travel notifications. If I end up in your neck of the woods I hope that we can meet up. If a trip to your area isn’t on the books you can always make it happen. Just give me a shout via email or phone to hash out the details: mike@mtgawines.com or 707.337.9168.

I think that about covers it… I am sure there is something I missed but that should cover the high points!

Here’s to an awesome and exciting new year!



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