Summer Cellar Update

Racking 2013 METhe pre-harvest frenzy is about to begin! Now that we are two weeks into July veraison is in full swing which means harvest is right around the corner and all of us in the wine world are saying, “Didn’t we just finish last year’s harvest?” Time flies I guess…

With just a few weeks before grapes start rolling into the wineries there is a flurry of activity that will hold us over until then. For MTGA it is no different. At the moment I am in the midst of putting together the bottling run for the 2014 Merlot and Single Barrel (hard to believe the 2014s are being bottled up already). All of the bottles, corks, foils labels etc. are on order and standing by for the bottling run that will happen in late August. Outside of a couple of small blending tweaks, the 2014 lots are all set and ready to go. As of now the 2014 vintage is looking to be very similar to the 2013, which will be released in October officially.

The 2014 vintage marks the 5th vintage of MTGA Merlot that will make its way out into the world. It will stay in bottle for some time to settle into its groove which will be more than doable with the new release schedule.

Speaking of new releases, that 2013 Merlot will officially be available on October 4th and I may or may not have a surprise in store with that release announcement! Keep an eye on the website and on your email inbox for the announcement. If you aren’t on the mailing list there is no time like the present to get on board. Just click the mailing list link at the top of the page. For a sneak peek of that 2013 release I am putting together a little party on October 4th. Shoot me a quick email if you would like to attend. Space is limited so be sure to jump on it!

MTGA Pinot NoirFinally there are 11 other barrels from the 2015 vintage that need a little love. It has been a solid 9-10 months in barrel for the 2015 Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon but there is still quite a bit of time before these bad boys are ready to go. The Pinot is definitely hitting a stride and will likely be bottle up in late winter or early spring. The 115 and 667 clones that were brought in have really started to come together. With one new barrel in the mix and some sur lie aging the lots are filling out nicely. The Merlot is on its usual timetable. It will be another year or so in barrel for it gets bottled up but the lots are getting tastier by the day. The Cabernet remains in the R&D section of MTGA. At this stage it is likely that the Cab will end up staying in barrel through next fall but we will see how it evolves in the coming months. Prior to harvest these lots may see an additional round of racking in early August to put them to bed for the remainder of the fall.

It has hard to believe that there is so much that is going to have to get done over the next month and a half before harvest sets in… As usual it is a bit daunting but it is hard to contain the excitement that this time of year brings with it. As usual it is a ton of hard work but so very worth it in the end.


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