MTGA Release Schedule Adjustments

Greetings all!

Just a quick update on the current releases for MTGA and a couple changes that are being made for future releases. As many of you now know there has been some moving and shaking on what wines I am currently producing so here is the low-down on what to expect in 2016 and 2017:

2012 MTGA Merlot – Currently Available! This is the latest and greatest on the Merlot front and is the current release that is making the rounds.

2014 MTGA Dry Riesling – Also currently available! With the limited quantity, and no 2015 Riesling to be had (I promise it will be back!), it is starting to dwindle but will be available for the next couple of months.


2013 MTGA Merlot – The Merlot release date is being moved to September! In the past the Merlot had been released during the winter or early spring however the extra bottle time has worked wonders on making it more “ready to drink” than not. Since yields for the next few releases have not been as awesome out in the vineyard, and with the onset of the Single Barrel program, there will only be 140-150 cases available. Futures are available if you would like to reserve some prior to September.

2013 MTGA Single Barrel Merlot – The release date for the MTGA “reserve” program is also looking like September. In the years to come that may be subject to change depending on how it reacts to bottle time. Since it is literally one barrel only 22 cases are making their way out the door. Futures on this bad boy are also available.

2015 MTGA Pinot Noir – The new kid on the block! Since quite a few folks have inquired about the Pinot Nor I wanted to let everyone know this release is very TBD but it will likely be spring or fall of 2017. Stay tuned for more info as this project evolves!

Once we get through 2016 all of the wines will likely follow this schedule moving forward:

Riesling – April/May

Pinot Noir – Spring or Fall (still TBD)

Merlot – September

I am working on ironing out an awesome new Riesling source for the 2016 harvest and the Cabernet Sauvignon part of the program will be in the mix somewhere as well. Since the Cab is firmly rooted in the R&D department of MTGA it will be some time before any formal release decisions are made.

Thank you all for the continued support! I am immensely excited to continue sharing the current and upcoming releases with you.



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