Continuing the Dry Riesling Trend

As many of you yahoos know by now Riesling is my favorite white wine varietal. Whether it is a dessert wine with a little cheese at the end of a meal or if it is bone dry in a mason jar by the pool – Riesling will do you a solid.

For those of you that missed the release announcement last week this is the second installment of MTGA Riesling to make its way out into the world. It is still coming from the Sonoma Coast, more specifically right where highway 121 runs into Arnold Drive outside of the town of Sonoma. Being able to maintain the consistency of the vineyard site is always a plus so with the previous vintage all but gone, it is killer to have the new stuff right on its heels.

I still get a lot of question marks thrown in my general direction since adding Riesling to the MTGA lineup. Something in the form of, “How did you decide on Riesling?” Well, here are the answers:

  1. Alsace is my personal benchmark for white wines. There are plenty of other killer regions out there but it is the spot that has very VERY rarely let me down when it comes to wine.
  2. I wanted to stay away from the normal Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay combo that so many wineries run with. No doubt there is a reason why those to bad boys are so popular but the little hipster inside me said that I needed to do something else before it was cool (not really, but kind of).
    • Fun Fact: I was actually leaning towards Viognier for a period of time so I could eventually wrap it into an old school Rhône-style blend. The jury isn’t out on doing that anyway though…
  3. Like Merlot, Riesling doesn’t necessarily have the best reputation in the good ol’ US of A. It gets a bad wrap for being anywhere from slightly sweet to almost syrup-like with not a whole lot of variation. It is a challenge to prove that Rieslings have more than one dimension and that is a challenge I love to accept.
  4. I already said it but I LOVE a solid dry Riesling and having the ability to put one into the MTGA lineup was really a dream come true.

The 2014 MTGA Riesling, like the previous vintage, is totally dry, meaning there is no sugar left in that bad boy no matter what your nostrils or taste buds think. It is my “cold one after a long day” kind of wine” or that killer bottle to kick off a meal. The fun part that I am looking forward to is that you don’t need to drink it right away, feel free to hide it in your wine cellar or closet and pull it out later this fall or next summer. The previous vintage is actually ridiculously good at the moment.

Long story short, this 2014 MTGA Riesling is just 40 cases of pure summer-y awesomeness. I hope that dry Rieslings like this one continue to turn heads and prove that it is an amazing grape varietal to dig into.



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