The Search For Motivation

Sometimes it is easy to find. Other times… not so much.

To be honest, over the last month it has been harder than usual for myself (hence the slight lack in social networking and blog posts). I’d like to think it was just a good ‘ol fashion writers block but it seem like more than that. I’ve gone through every scenario trying to figure out why I have had a lack of skip in my step recently and I have come up with nothing. Maybe it has just been a month of getting up on the wrong side of the bed. We all go through our funks and slowly but surely work though them to get back on track.

Maybe it was just time for a hard reset. I like to tell myself that I don’t get burned out on work. I like to believe that the more work I have on my plate the better. As soon as a task isn’t “urgent” I get lackadaisical and procrastinate until it is urgent then I bang it out in a few minutes when I could have been ahead of the game the entire time. I do a pretty good job of not stressing out by working through the tasks that I know I can get through, sidelining those that can wait (to provide that extra sense of urgency down the road) and flat out moving on from those that cannot be worked through. I enjoy working and I love working hard because I love conquering a challenge and seeing the fruits of my labor.

I do believe that MTGA is just the fun passion project the reality is that it is also job. I do have an immense amount of fun with this project but like any endeavor it does come with its own set of challenges. Combine that with another full time job managing a tasting room, which is equally fun and awesome, the workload piles up pretty quick. With that in mind I came to the conclusion that maybe I was necessarily burnt out but maybe just a little crispy over the last month. As it turns out that there is only so much “working smarter” that you can do before you are just working harder for days, weeks, months etc on end.

So with the hard reset behind me (thanks Coachella!) it is time to get this train back in motion. I suppose I do have some fun posts in the works between talking about how “cult” wines are dead, why I think the craft beer industry is doing everything right… plus a little run down of that 2014 Riesling that will be making its debut in the next couple months. Stay tuned.

Now I couldn’t leave without a little teaser!


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