2014 In Review

So I wrote up a 1600 word post on my top 10 wine moments of 2014. Similar to the last couple of years it was meant to jump on the top lists of whatever trend that comes around. I put the finishing touches on that post last week and then hit the “trash” button. I came to the conclusion that 2014 was a stellar year but it was very much a stepping stone. There were some killer dining experiences, great trips, amazing wines, some bow ties… all of which were enjoyed with friends and family. In drafting that essay of a post last week I realized how much fun I had in 2014. It also set a very high bar for 2015 and beyond. 2014 marked the end of my first “five year plan” after moving home to the Napa Valley and getting this wine project up off the ground. The primary goal of that plan was the following:

  1. MTGA to sustain itself (just about there)
  2. Add one or two new wines to the MTGA lineup (got one down!)
  3. Shake things up on the day job side of things (mission accomplished)
  4. Create a new five year plan.

Now here I am trying to bang out #4 on that list. To be honest when I created that plan I wasn’t even sure if I was going to be staying in Napa to see it all the way through. At the time I was stuck with a part time gig at a tasting room, living at home and starting MTGA wasn’t even on my radar. I didn’t even know if the wine industry was where I wanted to be but I wanted to give it the good ole fashion college try.

And here I am five years later with two vintages of Merlot released, a Dry Riesling to follow that up, living with my amazing girlfriend (AKA my intern/assistant winemaker… love you babe!) and with a day job that I thoroughly enjoy. So how about the next five years… The Merlot is definitely continuing and I hope there Riesling will continue to be a great staple. Adding a third wine to the lineup is most certainly in the works, Napa is still where I want to be, and I can’t be thankful enough for my friends and family. I can’t spoil everything that is in the works though…


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