A Mid-Flight Epiphany

Prior to the start of a slightly hazy weekend in good ol’ Spokane there as a quick plane flight that needed to happen. Per standard operating procedure I try to get my travel days started early to enjoy more of the destination so half asleep on the plane with my headphones in last Friday morning I came to the following awesome realization: Winemakers talk about winemaking like NASCAR drivers talk about a race.

Just because it sounds crazy doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Think about it…

For example, the NASCAR driver:

Well the Ford held together pretty well considering that rough start but we got through it ok, kept up on the guys up front and the crew did an awesome job taking care of business so I could drop the hammer and get out front before that checkered flag dropped.

Now the winemaker:

Harvest turned out all right even with that spurt of rain we got part way through but everything dried out all right. We had to put some more effort on the sorting table but that paid off and we got some great stuff to look forward to in barrel.

You totally read that winemaker part with a stereotypical NASCAR accent huh?

This post was brought to you by a lack of sleep and the droning of airplane engines. You’re welcome.

– Manderson

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