Keep it in Perspective

There are a handful of articles, and resulting comments, about the wine industry that catch my attention each year. This one from Forbes would be one of them. To be fair I am a little late to the game regarding this write up of Napa’s new “cult” wine but it intrigued me nonetheless:

“Have Robert Mondavi Jr And Christopher R. King Made The Best Cult Wine In Napa?1

Someone in a PR department somewhere did one hell of a job in getting this article written with that title. Since my prior gig was in marketing I would like to extend the sincerest of golf claps on a job well done.

I am not about to bash the article or folks behind this project however there is one thing that catches my attention and that is the lack of story. After reading the the article it sounds like a couple of well off dudes and a winemaker, who are obviously good at what they do, had a play date and came up with some fermented grape juice that tastes pretty good.

I haven’t had the wine and I can tell you that for $799 I probably won’t anytime soon. To put it into perspective though there are a bunch of folks out there who will. Not because they are uber wealthy, or maybe they will be, but because they decide to spend their hard earned dollars on wine. Some folks collect coins, watches, cars, antiques, art, bottle caps, LEGOS, Playboys, vinyl records… you name it! I can tell you that I don’t mind splurging on a bottle of wine. I would rather pay $100 for a single great bottle of wine than $20 for five bottles that I thought were just ok.

For the people in the comment section, primarily on Facebook, bashing the ridiculousness of the price point…deal with it. If you aren’t willing to drop that amount of cash on wine then don’t! That doesn’t mean someone else out there won’t. Hell I have been in a room and seen a single individual drop $40k (yes $40,000) on wine in one go. Why? Because he loved it, wanted it and pulled the trigger. Is it crazy? That depends on your perspective. Some would rather use that $40 on a car, house, a piece of art, a collection of some sort or another endeavor. Some would rather have some damn good wine on hand.

To the gents who created “The King Of Clubs” well done, give your PR agency or that friend of a friend a raise and I hope you see a ton of success.

I hope I get to give this bad boy a try some day and the inevitable “Ace Of Spades” that should follow (you’re welcome).


PS: My only real pet peeve is that there is no wine that is “the best,” they are just different. For the love of whatever stop trying to make an inherently subjective thing objective… sheesh. And doing a “Bordeaux style wine” in Napa is nothing new. #dontcallitacomebackitsbeenherethewholetime

1 – Bell, Katie Kelly. “Have Robert Mondavi Jr and Christopher R. King Made The Best Cult Wine In Napa?” 9.2.2014.

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