Stop Looking For The Best

It doesn’t exist.

Not with wine anyway… If you have ever been to the Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards Cave Dweller party you have probably heard that speech a time or two from The Todd.

It is a concept that is surprisingly hard to grasp. It seems that we, as humans, are always looking for the best. Coming to terms with the idea that you aren’t going to find “the best” isn’t easy. Sure there are wines you might prefer at a certain moment in time but that doesn’t mean it is the “best” wine.

Over the last three months I’ve been getting back into the flow of a tasting room atmosphere (it definitely took a while for me to get my sea legs back under me). One thing that I have noticed is that 80-90% of everyone who walks through the door is looking for the “best” wine in the tasting flight. My usual response is, “It’s ok to like a few or all of the wines, you don’t have to play favorites.”

If I were a bit more sarcastic, which has been known to happen, I would say: “So you’ve tried all of the Cabernet Sauvignon the world has to offer?”  Actually the same thing happened when it came to a comment about the 2011 vintage. You all know my opinion from my previous post about the 2011 vintage but this gentlemen’s, and I use that term loosely, opinion was that there is not a single good wine that came out of 2011. I tried to bite my tongue but the “so you’ve tried every wine in the world from 2011” question came out. He looked at me a little perturbed and stated no but that he didn’t need to.


As you could imagine the debate could have continued on but I opted out of what was going to be a futile effort. Some folks just don’t want to see the light and be saved I guess…

I guess the long story short of this post is: stop looking for the best. This goes for wine experts, amateurs, writers, reviewers, producers… it goes for everyone. There are definitely going to times when you prefer one wine over another. There are also going to be moments when you thing a wine sucks, but that doesn’t mean that someone else out there doesn’t like it.

I always get a kick out of anyone who says they’ve found or made the best wine of their category. The first thing that comes to mind is:



PS: For the record I usually don’t like arguing semantics but I do find this important. For whatever reason this is kind of a pet peeve; the same thing goes for calling a sparkling wine “Champagne” when it isn’t actually from Champagne. There’s a difference… Learn it. Know it. Live it. #sorryimnotsorry

PPS: I also don’t like the phrase “pet peeve.”

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