A Day on the Hill

It is a little embarrassing to admit but I don’t go wine tasting that often… at least not recently. I used to make a point of hitting up one or two places every other week for “research & development.” But as they say, life gets in the way.

I was however able to head up Spring Mountain recently to knock out a few stops between Schweiger, Pride and Charbay. All of these spots are worth visiting if you haven’t been to them before. In fact it is hard to go wrong on this particular hill so the next time you are jetting out to Napa you should carve out some time to give it a go.

Schweiger was the only place out of the three that I had been to before and their Chardonnay was what really stood out to me. This time around I can definitely add their Sauvignon Blanc and, for those of you looking for some big reds, Dedication; which is a Bordeaux style blend. The Schweiger’s have a long history here in Napa and an interesting one at that.

Pride is a fun spot because of how they bordered Napa and Sonoma county lines, plus it is hard to find a bad wine in the lineup. Year in and year out their Chardonnay, Viognier, Claret and Cabernet Sauvignon are wines that I won’t turn down if they are open. I have had the wines on occasion before but I had not yet been up to the property. It is a gorgeous spot at the top of the mountain with a solid tour and wines that are hard to walk away from.

Charbay is a place that is quirky as hell. You might more familiar with their spirits, which you can’t taste while visiting their Napa property (Thanks county laws! But not really…). There are some other great beverages for your enjoyment, the port in particular was tasting awesome. With 13 generations of distillers in the family it is hard to find something from Charbay that isn’t good. The family story is as intriguing as the products they make so if you are looking for a fireside-chat kind of tour/tasting you will want to make sure that Charbay is on your list.

To be completely honest it is hard to find a bad spot on Spring Mountain and these three are the tip of the iceberg.


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