Because winemaking requires a lot of good beer.

Russian River BrewingAfter attending a stellar release party over in Sebastopol it seemed like a good idea, nay… a great idea, to take a quick trip to the Russian River Brewing Company. I am relatively familiar with their brews but I never waited in line long enough for a bar seat or a table; it has always been  Pliny the Elder where I can find it or stopping by the pub for a pint or two. Since we were in the area it seemed like as good a time as any to make more of an effort.

My lovely other half and I went through six of their selections total before walking out with a full growler and a six pack of bottles. There were not any losers but there were a few beers I would recommend not leaving without:

Little White Lie – White Beer
I am a big fan of unfiltered white beers. Incredibly refreshing, especially after just getting done with some wine tasting. A very solid choice but it is seasonal so get it while you can!

Damnation – Golden Ale
Probably the most unique golden ale that I have had. I don’t know much about beer or brewing but I know what I like (which is all the that matters). This beer had a ton of umph. I definitely wasn’t ready for it but after a few sips I was in a happy place.

Perdition – Bier of Sonoma
The last time I filled up a growler a the pub this is what I walked away with. It is one of the many beers you can only find at the pub and it is one of the many reasons getting to the pub is a good idea (if you live or are visiting NorCal). It has a great creaminess to it but enough punch so that it wasn’t overly malty.

Rejection – Belgian Inspired Black Ale
Their “Valentine’s Day” beer that only comes around this time of year. This is the one we filled up our growler with during this stop. Like the Damnation it is pretty unique and if you like a dark beer that isn’t overly thick or heavy this guy is going to be right up your alley. Even if you aren’t into darker beers I would highly recommend giving this a shot if you have a chance; it just might convert you to the dark side.

ConsecrationConcecration and Supplication – Sour Barrel Aged Brews
I love sour beers so it didn’t take too much to convince me that I need to to take a couple bottles of each home with me. The price tag does get notched up as you get in to these specialty selections but it is a small price to pay. They are just good brews to have on hand, no matter what the occasion is. You could be looking for a rockin’ Saturday night or be trying to shake a case of the Mondays, these beers will do you right.

Mmmmmmm beer!


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