Vintage Update! How is that 2010 Merlot?

Almost one year after selling out of the 2010 Merlot I wanted to provide a quick update after opening up a bottle last week (for those of you who might have some left).

Being the inaugural vintage I had a general idea of where the wine would go, but to be entirely honest you are on this wild ride along with me! Working from this vineyard source and bottling a wine for the first time means that you don’t necessarily have a solid benchmark, which makes this really fun.

Upon pouring the first glass I noticed bit more tastiness and the fruit characteristics had darkened a bit, still that great cherry note but with a touch of blackberry. There is definitely some potency coming out of the glass after giving it a good swirl.

After two or three sips I started to get my taste buds ready to dig into the 2010 release a bit further. The flavors have definitely broadened, by that I mean the mouth-feel (one of my least favorite geeky terms but I can’t think of a decent synonym…) is fuller. I can find a hint of vanilla with some strawberry and blackberry. The acidity still leaves that really nice tingle. With that backbone still very much intact this wine is still great when paired up with a meal but is really beginning to hold up on its own.

As usual I did save about half the bottle for the next day to see how it holds up. The extra 24 hours of air helped out. The wine continued to deepen and had smoothed out just a bit more.

With how the 2010 is tasting this January I am excited to see where it goes from here. If you have already polished off the 2010 Merlot, don’t worry! Wine is all about enjoying how you like it. If you still have some laying around and feel like sacrificing a little of your own MTGA for research and development, now is a good time.


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