No lo siento…

…para la fiesta. Not one bit.

This post is a bit late but I still wanted to get it out into the cyber waves since the topic was a fun one.

As of last year the tradition of Mexigiving started. Long story short we decided that the week of Thanksgiving was a great time to head Baja for a few days of fun in the sun. This year was the second installation of this newfound tradition and …

We don’t really stick to the beaten path that is Cabo San Lucas, instead we hang a left as we leave the aeropuerto towards Los Barilles (aptly named for those of us visiting from wine country). The town is a small one, small enough to walk wherever you want to go. You can choose between lounging at a beach or a pool, renting out some ATVs, getting some fishing in, all of the above and probably much more that we haven’t had the time to explore. It is the perfect place to have no schedule or have an excursion or two to keep you a little busy.

MTA_0257Rest and relaxation, AKA cerveza y tequila (just kidding… kind of), was the name of our game. We definitely try to take in some of Mexico’s finest but what would Thanksgiving be without a little wine? 8 of us flew down with about 4 cases of wine in tow. Now it wasn’t entirely all for us, we did share the wealth, but we definitely had first dibs on some fun wines that were just plain ole fashioned good:

2010 William Selyem Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir
To be perfectly honest I have never been the biggest William Selyem fan; not because I thought the wines were bad but because they never really hit my taste buds the right way. However… I have had two recently, including this guy, that surprised me. I do lean more toward the Sonoma Coast, or Santa Lucia, when it comes to CA Pinot Noir. I think they tend to be a bit more dialed back than the nearby Russian River Valley but with some good complexity that I haven’t yet experienced from Carneros (except for the Hyde Vineyard). The best descriptor for this wine, that I can come up with, is that it is complete. Good body, structure, flavors and it doesn’t leave you wanting… but you are going to keep going back anyway because you don’t want to share.

2007 Stony Hill Gewürztraminer
Stony Hill is one of the best kept “secrets” that is off the beaten path in Napa. If you have not had their wines do yourself a favor and get some. Like right now. They are best know for their white wines, particularly their Chardonnays. They are a small production operation and this Gewürztraminer is a small chunk of that already tiny production. Even with six years of age on this bad boy it was still very fresh and pretty youthful. This wine, or any of their wines for that matter, are worth a shot.

Patz & Hall 2010 Brut Sparkling Wine & 2011 Moses-Hall Pinot Noir
Patz & Hall is a staple. I am a fan of damn near everything they do and these two wines are no exception. Let’s be honest, every day is better with bubbles and if you have a killer Pinot to transition to it just gets that much better. The Brut Sparkling Wine is light and refreshing. A perfect touch to the 75 and sunny beach community (or a good way to pretend you are on said beach now that winter is in full swing). The Moses-Hall Pinot from Carneros was a fun surprise. Like I said, there aren’t too many Carneros Pinots that have really done it for me but add this on to the list. Truth be told “yum” is all I really need to say about these.

MTA_0287Beyond the great wines we had for Thanksgiving it was an amazing try to remember. After five days at the beach relaxing, catching and cooking a bit of Dorado, watching bit of college football to make us feel at home, and taking in as much of the local scene as we could it was off to Esperanza with my better half for some serious R&R. I don’t think I have ever been more relaxed in my life; it is an absolutely gorgeous spot. We brought along a special bottle of wine, a 2000 Schramsberg Reserve, which we kept hidden away until a b-e-a-utiful dinner overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Cocina del Mar. With 13 years of age these bubbles were very nutty with a small bit of vanilla tossed into the mix, but still very vibrant. They were a great way to cap off an unforgettable week with some of the best friends this guy could ask for.

One thing we didn’t really get into was any Mexican wine, but I suppose having an extra reason to head south of the border once again is a good thing (as if we needed another reason).


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