Us crazy Millennials and the World of Wine

As many of you know I have a marketing day job that helps subsidize this winemaking endeavor of mine but provides some fun, or interesting at the very least, insight into the larger industry trends. It doesn’t take a lot of research to get into these kinds of topics and this one has quickly bubbled to the surface: how to capture the millennial audience.

From guides such as Planet of the Grapes1 to blog posts stating “Millennials Aren’t All That”2 or “How Millennials are Changing the Wine Industry”3 there is a TON of chatter on this oh-so-popular topic (for a decent reason I might add).

38301551I’ll be that entitled millennial kid and say: yes, we are kind of a big deal… but not yet. Why? Because, in general, most of us are broke. Most of us entered the working world during a rough economic downturn and are having to now figure out how to bust our ass to get ahead because we got used to the “everyone gets a trophy for participating” mentality. We are deal seekers, but beyond that we want to connect with what we buy; it needs to have a story, it needs to be a quality product, it has to be catchy aaaaand we should be able to make a meme out of it. Truthfully is it any surprise that the craft brewing, distilling and wine scenes took off like Han Solo fleeing the empire with a few maneuvers?

You shouldn’t be surprised that us millennials are storming the wine/spirits/beer market (or any market for that matter). Why? Because we a turning 21 and can finally buy the booze we want to, even if that means joining the hipster masses and drinking PBR until the sun comes up. We have some disposable income, not a much, but some. Enough income to want a piece of a good story and something tasty or fashionable to boot. But can we afford a piece of that story?  If not, how do you as a company make sure that this newfound aspiration stays relevant?

koalifications-meme-animals-zoneI love my generation, because we are the bestest most special generation ever, but the truth is we don’t have the power that Gen X or boomers have. We don’t have the spending power. We just don’t. Plain. Simple. End of story. That doesn’t mean it won’t come with time. Even though I am young in this marketing game I know enough that if you aren’t looking 5, 10, 20 years down the road you are missing out on your future meal ticket. You also can’t forget the other crazies who brought us into this world.

So pay attention to us? Please? Bring the wine; you can leave the 4th and 5th place ribbons at home.


1 – Smart Set Press

2 – SVB on Wine – “Millennials Aren’t All That”

3 – Fox Business – “How Millennials are Changing the Wine Industry”

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