Why bottling is the most fun ever.

*Insert Sarcasm Here*

Truthfully for me it is one of the most tedious, stressful things you can do when making wine. Sure you finally get your finished product into its final container, except for a glass or decanter, but it takes weeks if not months of planning and much like harvest something always breaks. True story.

Take the bottling run for the 2010 vintage for example. For the most part it was very smooth… the bottles and corks arrived on time. The labels took a bit longer but I was able to make due with some stellar hand-labeling skills, if I do say so myself. The bottling line was set up, the wine was ready to go and eager hands waited to stack the cases onto the pallet.


BUT due to the tapered shape of the bottles they really enjoyed falling over… All. The. Time… So a run that could have taken a few minutes took… longer. The biggest positive is that the bottling line corked the bottles early on so very little wine was harmed in the bottling of the 2010 Merlot.

Am I being picky? Sure. But after weeks of preparation and finally having everything in line and ready to rock and roll the LAST thing you ought to be doing is something like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=117FZnev4Os.

As excited as I am to start bottling once again this September, I am even more excited to be done bottling the 2011 vintage. Luckily enough I started prepping more than a month ago so come September it should go off without a hitch… right?


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