Road trip recap, Portland part deux.

Day 3:
VoodooAfter an intense two days it was time to hit the ground running once again. We started off with a recommendation that at least a dozen or more mentioned: Voodoo Doughnuts.  We had a couple locals state that it wasn’t quite worth the line but we couldn’t, in good conscience, stay a few blocks away and not have one, two or three-ish doughnuts.  I have to say it was worth the line, not to mention they had a little Streetlight Manifesto on the radio as we walked in (one of my favorite bands when I need a Ska fix).  I dare you to go for the Tex-ass. 6 regular doughnuts crammed into one, 80 seconds, and go.

From there we decided to walk off those three-ish doughnuts by hoofing it over to Distillery Row to enjoy Eastside Distilling and House Spirits.

We started at Eastside where we rolled through a potato vodka, three different rums and two bourbons.  Not being a big vodka guy I was pretty impressed with that production and a coffee infused rum that was something completely different and delicious.  The winner however was the Burnside Bourbon, awesome stuff.  4 years in barrel with some solid sipping/mixing potential and it comes in at a cool $28.

House Spirits had some very good and interesting twists as well.  They are probably best known for their Aviation Gin which is a pretty good staple and something that is worth going for if you like you gin.  In addition they produced a Aquavit (catering to my Swedish roots), a single malt whiskey, and coffee liqueur.  All around it was a very good stop, but we went home with the Aquavit to change things up a bit.

Lucky Lab

Now in between the two distillery stops we did break for lunch and a cold one.  We took our break at the Lucky Labrador brew pub, located right around the corner from Eastside Distilling. It is a personal favorite from previous visits to PDX, but this stop had a special highlight.  For some reason we were on the topic of the 15th anniversary of TLC’s “Waterfall” (for the love of God don’t ask) when the gentleman handling our order mentioned it was a random fact that his girlfriend told him as he was playing his video games.  Now Brittany, my wonderful girlfriend and travel mate, had heard that phrase “my video games” in the past and immediately asked, “What game?”  To which he replied very shyly: Warcraft.   Being the Warcraft/Blizzard geek that I am I immediately said, “Now you are speaking my language!” This was followed by a question that will make or break the rest of the conversation and relationship: Horde? Or Alliance? Needless to say I passed, HORDE SIDE, allowing us to go about our lunch happily and with a new best friend.  I definitely had a bit of a evil grin on my face for the rest of the day.

After the geek out session the rest of the day was rather relaxing. A little happy hour at the wonderful Clyde Common.  Great cocktails, food and atmosphere for a pre-dinner spot. After that we were headed off to Imperial. This place was stellar and the hits just kept coming. Between the salmon cheek, charcuterie and terrine plate, fried rabbit, duck,  and much much more we ate and ate… and ate. This was that moment when the deadly sin of gluttony really began to set it (but it was so SO worth it).

After that it was about time to call it a night… after one more stop a a local bar for a cold one and some board games. Maybe a historical little hole in the wall that was recommended by more than a few folks while we were in town: Mary’s.  There is no link as it NSFW so make sure you clear your browser history after you Google it.

Three days down! Two to go. Stay tuned for the finale which will be posted up on Thursday.


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