Because Great Wines are made in the Vineyard

Something that I have brought up over the past week or two is the fact that the grapes for the 2013 vintage are coming from the same vineyard that I have used for prior vintages. The reasons as to why this is important are fairly obvious, but for me it gets right to the heart of the rocky road that was getting this project off the ground.

When I was starting this project in 2010 Merlot wasn’t the first thing I had in mind. I was originally looking at bringing in some Petite Sirah. I was less than a couple hours away from finalizing the contract when I received a phone call. Another suitor had come in with a better offer and I was dead in the water. With harvest a month and a half way I was in a whole lot of trouble if I wanted to do anything with the 2010 vintage. As I desperately searched for a new grape source I stumbled upon a stellar little plot of Merlot… and the rest is history.

Things happen for a reason and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Even though that was a few years ago now, and things have been consistent ever since, the idea that things could abruptly change is always in the back of my head. I am fortunate enough to be working with a vineyard owner and manager who isn’t just investing in the highest bidder, but those that are doing some solid work with the fruit that comes from his vineyard.  For that I cannot thank him enough.

Building consistency is something I like to be able to pride myself on, especially when I have access to an amazing vineyard site. Because it is oh-so-true: great wines are made in the vineyard. And may God strike me down for it to be otherwise.



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