Unadulterated and Rock Solid

The title says it all.  That is what I want from any wine that I produce, consume, taste or otherwise experience.

Think about describing a wine as unadulterated.  For me it just rings a bell.  It means that it is not mixed or diluted and does not contain any added inferior substances.  It is the word I think of when I hear the phrases “craft brewing,” “craft distilling,” and “craft winemaking.”

Rock solid is my way of saying that a wine is good, even great; though the great wines usually get a “WOW” to go along with that description. It describes a wine that I would drink regularly or if it were randomly on a table I may or may not be selfish and hide it from everyone else.

Anyway, these phrases came into play recently as I was exploring a few different wines from France and Italy:

  • 2005 Bouchard Aîné & Fils Gevrey-Chambertin “En Champs” Pinot Noir
  • 2010 Domanique Lafon Mâcon Villages Chardonnay
  • 2010 Bruno Giacosa Piedmont Barbera d’Alba

The two village Burgundies were solid.  The Gevrey-Chambertin faded quite a bit over the second day it was open but over the first few hours of drinking it was exactly what you wanted from a red Burgundy; almost constantly changing once it hits the glass, getting more complex and forcing you to think.  The Domanique Lafon was that refreshing twist to keep the night young and rolling.  It was clean cut, not simple but very easy to kick back.   However it was that Barbera that surprised me.  At first it was a little rough to wrap my head around but after giving time it really began to open up and became very, very yummy.

The combination of these three wines was a little but of an “Ah ha!” moment.  The evolution of the Pinot Noir, the clean cut but complex nature of the Chardonnay and the combination of it all in the Barbera.

Nothing like a little research and development.


One thought on “Unadulterated and Rock Solid

  1. Attended the Rising Stars Winemaker Wednesday event at 1313 Main last night. Your Merlot was by far the best. Thanks for sharing.

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