Vintage Two: A Preview

Barrel Sample 4.10.13Every once and a while I head to the cellar and give my wines a pop quiz.  Basically a check up in between rackings and other cellar ops to see how things are progressing.  Here is the latest on  Vintage Two as of yesterday:

The 2011 Merlot is the next step for MTGA Wines, building upon everything that the inaugural release had.  Over the coming months I will be evaluating each of the barrels to make sure that the final blend doesn’t just match the standard set by the first release, but sets a new benchmark.

The 2011 does show some similarities to the inaugural release.  The bright red fruits (cherries and some raspberry), strong acidity and backbone with just a touch of oak influence (vanilla and baking spices).  That said it does stand on its own.  The nose is still perfumey but a bit more subtle than the 2011 release.  The cool but consistent growing season has given the 2011 a richness and density that really lends itself to creating a solid wine that just keeps on giving and does not leave you hanging.

All in all the 2011 is truly in the home stretch.  I am excited that September isn’t too far away so you don’t have to keep taking my word for it.

Until next time,


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