Vintage One: The Recap

First Crush

I have not yet released proper tasting notes so please consider this your geek-out reference guide for all things 2010.  I promise I will be a little bit more prompt with this information once the 2011 Merlot is released.

If you have any questions, comments or thoughts feel free to write them below.  I only have a few bottles remaining, so if you need to call dibs on a couple let me know ASAP.

First Pressing

Today the 2010 Merlot shows big cherry and raspberry characteristics while having a nice oak influence; primarily spices such as clove, anise and cinnamon (if worst comes to worst just say allspice and you will be all set).  There are no “woody” characteristics due to the once and twice used barrels that were utilized during the aging process.  If I had to pick a favorite component it would the the acidity – the 2010 has a nice tingle that allows not only to be interesting on its own but work well paired up with food (insert your favorite pasta, heavier fish or red meat dish here).

Truthfully I am going to need to break this down a bit because when I open a bottle of wine, especially my own, I like to see how it performs of the course of a few days. That is if it makes it past the first couple hours…

Day #1:  It definitely has some big guns right out the gate. It holds true the the descriptors above and it evolves rapidly as opens up.  With how young it is I recommend that it be enjoyed with a little bite to eat. That is unless you like a good kick to the taste buds, in which case I say go for it!

Day #2:  After being open for a day the 2010 mellows out a bit. It became a great sipping wine while you relax after a long day.  The fruit tones down a bit more, allowing the mores subtle barrel spices to come through more prominently.

Day #3:  Wow wowiee wow wow.  At risk of sounding a little crazy this is where this bottle really REALLY opened up. All the characteristics really come together and paint the complete picture.  The fruit and barrel characteristics deepened, the structure softened and just yummy.  You could tell it had been open for a day or two but in a very good way.  With this young release it makes sense that a little bit of fresh air did it some good.

Normally I would go beyond three days but there was some really bizarre evaporation conditions while enjoying the bottle with so… yeah.



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